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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi to the few of you who actually check this still... I know.. I epically failed. But I really have been taking pictures still. In fact, I officially launched my photography business.

You can see my web site here if you would like.

I have still been taking pictures; the posting just did not happen. Since it is a new month and the last month of the year, I vow to get a picture up every day this month.

Plus I will throw in a few bonus posts with some favorite pictures from the month and a half I didn't post.

I will be back later today to post today's 365 picture.


  1. Epically failed? no way! You've had your hands full this year and I think you did and are doing awesome with photography. Your photography business is incredible! I'm excited for you to post more here though, because I've missed seeing your pictures!

  2. agreed with've done a great job...and i've enjoyed following.

  3. Not an epic fail - I decided that a photo a day was too much so I post a selection from the week every Friday - kind of like my project 52 rather than 365 now!

    Good luck with the photography business - I love the new website.

    Have a lovely December,