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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 204-210

Day 204
Friday, July 23rdAlex is always wanting Ryder to hold her finger,
he usually complies

Day 205
Saturday, July 24th
A fun dinner at the cousins with lots of family in town
A yummy desert was required of course

Day 206
Sunday, July 25th

We took Ryder to church for the first time today.
He was all dressed up, ready to go.

Day 207
Monday, July 26th

We have a picnic almost every day for lunch.
A picnic in the family room while watching a show that is.

Day 208
Tuesday, July 27th
"Go wash your hands off"
"After I lick them"
You know what is worth enjoying in life.

Day 209
Wednesday, July 28th

Alexandria your feet.. so big and so solid.
Not petite and dainty by any means.
I wonder where in life those feet are going to take you?

Day 210
Thursday, July 29th

There is never enough time in the day

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 197-203

Day 197
Friday, July 16th
I did not take a picture this day.
I did take a video, a video which shows why I did not take any pictures
Get ready for your heart to break a bit.
This incident lasted twenty minutes.
We have an appointment with a GI doctor.

Day 198
Saturday, July 17th
It's hot.
And I need gas.

Day 199
Sunday, July 18th
It's bedtime.
I'm tired.
And no I don't need a nightlight, I am not that big of a baby.
But my baby that sleeps in my room does,
makes night time diaper changes much easier.

Day 200
Monday, July 19th

Who wants a nice loaf of fresh bread?
Hopefully no one in our house as well the loaf pan is being used as a hat.

Day 201
Tuesday, July 20th
Warm, lazy afternoon.
A movie, lots of popcorn.
Well you do that math.

Day 202
Wednesday, July 21st
I was brave... and I used my zoom lens.
This guy is making a home for himself on our fence.

Day 203
Thursday, July 22nd
Another happier image of the reason I haven't been taking many pictures.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 190-196

Another week has gone by... time really does seem to go quickly when you take it an entire week at at time.
Day 190
Friday, July 9th
Lucas completed his swim lessons today...
thanks to a little bribery encouragement.
The new Toy Story 3 Lego Train, very powerful.

Day 191
Saturday, July 10th
Nothing like a nice glass of water right before bed

Day 192
Sunday, July 11th
When Lucas got his train, I knew we would spend the afternoon building it.
So I figured I had better get Alex something or she would be trying to help, i.e. driving Lucas crazy.
She picked out sidewalk chalk

Day 193
Monday, July 12th

Have I ever told you how much we like ice cream?
Horrible picture, but totally captures the moment.
Oh and there was a great sale.

Day 194
Tuesday, July 13th
I cooked a real meal again!
And the iPad is the perfect cookbook.

Day 195
Wednesday, July 14th
This bright-eyed boy is two months old today.
And his 3 1/2 year old sister, well it was just too much excitement for her.

Day 196
Thursday, July 15th
Super hot today.
Super huge afternoon thunderstorms.
Super beautiful sunset.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 183-189

Day 183
Friday, July 2ndClean as a bean!
In case you missed it-check out the best way to give a bath to a newborn on my blog here.
Taken with my iPhone.

Day 184
Saturday, July 3rdI am sitting holding this guy a lot...
in fact I would safe to say the majority of my day I am holding him.
And well I usually have my iPhone as I am using the Total Baby Ap to keep track of well everything... makes me wonder how I did it before.

Day 185

Sunday, July 4thAnd while I am spending my day holding Ryder...
these two are playing with each other...
which works out 85% of the day

Day 186

Monday, July 5thEric had the day off so we went down to the beach in La Jolla.
This poor guy has no idea I took a picture of him

Day 187
Tuesday, July 6th
Nothing says summer like steaming hot corn on the cob.

Day 188
Wednesday, July 7th

I fell asleep on the couch yesterday. Way too many sleepless nights thanks to the baby.
When I woke up, well I found I wasn't the only tired one.

Day 189
Thursday, July 8th
Today was my official due date...
strange indeed.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 176-182

Day 176
Friday, June 25thBest socks ever!
They are so so soft too,
I want a pair

Day 177
Saturday, June 26thI subjected both Ryder and Eric to a photo shoot today
You can see more pictures from it on my main blog here.

Day 178
Sunday, June 27th

Bubbles from Grandma make the afternoon fun

Day 179
Monday, June 28th
Nothing sweeter than a baby snuggled on your chest
And yes I did take this picture

Day 180
Tuesday, June 29th

Hikes in the mountains=dirty shoes and pants
but a lot of fun too

Day 181
Wednesday, June 30th
End of the day and I haven't taken a picture yet..
well why not shoot the end of the day then?

Day 182
Thursday, July 1st
My type of flower..
big, beautiful
and they just come back every year
I don't have to do anything for them

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