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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Friend Whereever She Goes

Spent the afternoon at Scandia- a mini amusement park. The kids ran from ride to ride, taking advantage of the small crowds. Ryder and I went at a slower pace, but he knew what he wanted to do.

"Train" he said pointing. "Bus" he then said. If I set him down he would begin walking off, arms pumping back and forth as he headed towards what he wanted to ride next. He loved the giant slide the best, laughing the entire way down as he rode on Eric's or my lap.

Alex wanted to go on the tilt-a-whirl again and again. One time was enough for Eric- and me, I didn't want to go even once. Luckily, Alex did what Alex always does and she made a friend. I never quite see how it happens--but suddenly she will be holding hands with a girl near her age running to get on the ride again. They sit in the same car, laughing the whole time as the spin round and round. When the ride stops, she quickly exits, grabs hands with her new friends and they run around to get on the ride again. After about the third time on the ride I hear her finally ask the girls name. How does she do that?

After they are sufficiently dizzy they run to the next ride together. Alex's new friend's mom and myself trailing behind.

I marvel at how fearless she is- when it comes to friends, when it comes to life-- even going on the big roller coaster with Eric. I hope she always has this ability- the ability to just jump right in, make friends and enjoy life.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Few Days

While I am not really trying to post everyday anymore-- as let's face it- it wasn't happening- I do want to recap these last few days

Wednesday, April 4th
When you go to Costco right before lunch, you will end up wanting and eating lots of samples.
But when this little guy eats two cups of pot roast- when he often won't touch most meat-- I am more than happy to call our two (or three) rounds of samples lunch.

Thursday, April 5th

Last day of mostly kid free day to get Easter shopping done.
Yes, I am sorry we are shopping... again.

Friday, April 6th
I got a note a couple of weeks earlier, saying Lucas would be getting an award today but not to tell. We went to the school, with no clue what he would be getting. The 1st-3rd grade classes came in... we still wondered. And then we soon knew

Lucas- student of the month

We enjoyed the rest of the day outside in the beautiful weather--

though Alex brought her umbrella out as it was "too hot" which Ryder quickly took over

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shop Till you Drop

I filled out the package, Ryder stood a few feet from me.

"Peek-a-boo" the post office clerk said to Ryder. I peeked at him from the corner of my eye. He just stood staring at the clerk, unsure of who she was. "Are you Superman?" she asked, in reference to his shirt. He took another step towards me. "Hi!" she said. He soon was hiding behind my legs.

Well at least I don't have to worry about him running off I thought to myself. I finished addressing the package, paid for it and then we were on our way for the rest of our morning of errands- taking advantage of both Lucas and Alex being in school.

Ryder was a trooper through it all- he carried my pink pig pajama bottoms for me that I bought at Old Navy and hugged lots of decorative pillows in Home Goods.
(Our new bedding-finally made a decision and bought at home goods)

He even gave up the yellow bus that he was holding through our stop at Toys R Us without too much fuss. I thanked him at the end with some jelly beans from the dollar store and to help him stay awake on the way home.

After lunch Alex asked if I would play with her. I said yes. She said she was glad I was playing with her as a lot of time I am busy doing my work and can't play. Ouch. I am a stay at home mom- talk about reality check.

So we spent the rest of the afternoon, until it was time to get Lucas with these
Maybe tomorrow we will actually stay home.... maybe.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Perfect Bed Time

I sat upstairs in the hallway, waiting for the others to come back up. Ryder hid behind me, pressing his warm body against mine. "Where did Ryder go?" I pretended concern.

He slowly crept from behind my back, his eyes twinkling, the corners of his smile showing from behind his green pacifier. He went back again putting his arms around me. "Oh no..." I said again.

Lucas made it back upstairs first, bringing Ryder his milk. He placed the sippy cup on Ryder's head. "Look it's staying!" Lucas squealed as the cup quickly toppled off Ryder's head.

Ryder picked it up and moved his pacifier to his hand and began drinking his milk. "Now Carmel is staying!" Lucas said balancing his favorite stuffed dog on Ryder's head.

"All right everyone time for prayers." Eric said when everyone made it back up.

"I will sit here, come here Ryder" Lucas said sitting in his truck chair- the same chair he had had since he was younger than Ryder. The chair was now covered with a bright orange fabric with excavators and diggers, the original blue truck cover long worn out with a hole where his legs rubbed against the fabric.

I smiled at the moment, suddenly realizing that before I knew it my two boys would be much to old to sit on a chair together. I need to enjoy this, I said to myself.

We finally got everyone to settle down and said prayers. It was Alex's turn to say the prayer. She began;
"Dear Heavenly Father. Thank thee for this day and help--' are you going anywhere tonight?'" Alex whispered to Eric interpreting her own prayer. "No" Eric whispered back. 'and help that daddy will travel to work safely tomorrow...."

Yes, I do need to enjoy this.My boys relaxing on my bed- and please ignore my ugly quilt- I am trying to find something I love to replace it

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I began the day by telling the kids there was no food in the fridge.

"What?!?" they said with concern hurrying to the kitchen.
"April fools!"

And yes, I did open up a can of worms with that one.

Most of the day was filled with wonderful nourishment for the soul as we watched General Conference.

So that night for dinner we decided we needed some more good nourishment for our bodies. That my friends is a burger with meat, pastrami, cheese, avocado, lettuce tomato and an over-easy egg. Oh yea good.