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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 232-Day 238

Well I think this might have been one of my worst 365 weeks to date. I took picture everyday, but just barely.. and often just with my phone. But I have been spending the days editing pictures from 3 different photo shoots, so I think by the time I was done with those my creative photo brain was just done. But though they might not be beautiful shots, they still are my shots and they tell my life. So with that great intro, here is this last weeks pictures.

Day 232
Friday, August 20th
Hey look it's me!
Dress shopping for my little sister's wedding in October.

Day 233
Saturday, August 21st
Dinner at iHop with cousins
now that is a good night out.

Day 234
Sunday, August 22nd

Can you tell what it is?
It's a clear bag of marbles.
The ones I use for the marble jars-
i.e. the way I get my kids to behave.

Day 235
Monday, August 23rd
Monday nights are family night.
The boys looked really cute together
I just hurried and took a picture-flash shadows and all.

Day 236
Tuesday, August 24th
Alex's first ballet class!
She was in heaven.
The class is for 3-5 year olds,
she is the tall one the third from the left.. and she is 3.

Day 237
Wednesday, August 25th
Storms a' comin'
There was lots of wind,
one big lighting bolt and a few drops of rain
then it was gone

Day 238
Thursday, August 26th
Not a Time for Tot's day
this is the real deal, this is homework.
Homework in kindergarten.
School sure has changed since I went to kindergarten.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 225-231

I never was able to post these last night.. but hey they are coming now at least.

Day 225
Friday, August 13th
A date night! Yeah!
Get a call from the babysitter, boo!
Hurry home as Lucas had a bad bloody nose.

Day 226
Saturday, August 14th

I did a family photo shoot!
It really is a lot of hard work but I love it so much.

Day 227
Sunday, August 15th
I must confess this should have been taken on Saturday...
but Saturday was busy, it got taken on Sunday.
He is so much bigger than a month ago, yeah!!

Day 228
Monday, August 16th
Today was Alex's first day of preschool.
She is loving it!
And I would say I am loving the quiet of having two gone-
but this last week and a half I have been more busy than ever!

Day 229
Tuesday, August 17th
Next week Alex starts ballet.
We bought her clothes today and she had to try them on of course.

Day 230
Wednesday, August 18th
And I had yet another photo shoot this week!
This little guy is 19 days old.

Day 231
Thursday, August 19th
"The mountains on fire" Eric said when he got come.
Luckily they got it out quickly with no homes damaged
This was taken from our upstairs bedroom window, I was too lazy to grab the tripod.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 218-Day 224

Day 218
Friday, August 6thWe went out to the high desert for a weekend getaway.
Lots of swimming and lots of fun.
And yes, there are two pictures here.
But well, I really liked them both and it's my blog, so get over it enjoy!

Day 219
Saturday, August 7th
Not only did we spend the weekend swimming and having fun,
but Lourie of CA girl and her family (oldest daughter here) joined us for the weekend.
Kristen is under the water in this picture.

Day 220
Sunday, August 8th
On the way back from the high desert you see lots and lots of these.
This is just 1/4 of them at best.
And not a bad shot from my iPhone while speeding down the highway
(and no- I was not driving)

Day 221
Monday, August 9th
A little bit of Lightroom magic and the everyday ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Day 222
Tuesday, August 10th
This was taken in the wee hours of the night, or morning.
You have to look carefully, but see all of that bed to the left of Eric...
yes, I am there on the bed to the right of him.
My proof that he really does hog the bed.
And yes he might have gotten a little kick shortly after this picture.

Day 223
Wednesday, August 11th
Getting ready to go to his first day of kindergarten!
You can read about how it went here.

Day 224
Thursday, August 12th
This evil working of the devil is called a two-bite cupcake.
And yes, it really is two bites... just enough to make you want more.
And since they are just two bites, they are so easy to sneak when the kids aren't watching.
Darn two-bites

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 211-217

Day 211
Friday, July 30thI made her day,
I let her paint her own toenails for the first time.
She did a really good job.

Day 212
Saturday, July 31st

I saw the ocean for the first time when I was a sophomore in college.
This is Ryder's second time to the ocean... what a life.

Day 213
Sunday, August 1st
Chocolate cake, so good.
Don't believe me,
Ask Alex.

Day 214
Monday, August 2nd

Horrible picture... but look at Lucas' floor.
All picked up. And I didn't do it.
In fact, I didn't even ask him to do it.
He went up to his room, worked for about 45 minutes and did it all one his own.
Yes, this needed to be documented.

Day 215
Tuesday, August 3rd
Baby feet are cute, baby hands are cute
and so are baby ears.
And is it just me or does the hair around his ears look a little reddish??
WTH?? Am I really going to have two redheads?

Day 216
Wednesday, August 4th

When you hit the drink hard in the afternoon...
well it takes you out.

Day 217
Thursday, August 5th

Wow, Alex has made it into a lot of my pictures this week.
She does like holding her brother, for about two minutes, then she is done.

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