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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New Look for 2011

Okay, obviously I am not doing a 365 this year. But I do have some ideas for what I would like to do with this blog. I need to do something to get me to shoot just for me, not for pictures of my kids or my clients, but just to get out of the box a bit. So my goal is to do these three things almost every week. I say almost, because if I don't want to, then I simply won't--I don't want it to be about a have to, but something I am doing because I enjoy it.

Monday- This will be the day I do one of two things, I will either post a picture to link up with the iHeartfaces contest.

Or I will link up with my good bloggy friend Oswald Cuties with her Monday Mugs

Wednesday-Fix it For Me--this is a new feature I will be starting (hmm me thinks I need a button for this). This is where I will show a picture I took SOOC (Straight out of camera) and also the final finished shot.. and the best part- I will show you how I got there! Also, if you (any one that reads this blog) has a picture that they would like me to fix up-you can mail the full size image to me at and I will again show the before and after and tell you what I did, and then I will email you back the fixed up image that you can use however you want. Sounds cool right?

Thursday- I will be participating with Beth from I Should be Folding Laundry. She has a weekly meme called You Capture.

And to quote her words from her blog "To encourage those of you interested to pick up your cameras and try something new or just pick them up at all and snap a shot here or there. And not only that, but to see what others were doing with their camera and gaining inspiration from them." She names off a theme and you are supposed to capture a picture that fits that theme that week. So no digging through the archives but getting out and shooting something new.

So that is my plan. So no pressure to do something every day, no pressure to even stick with my three days, just for fun and just as life allows me.

And of course I will always be adding new posts at my main blog found here.


  1. very cool! i'll still be around checking out your captures! all the best :)

  2. New year. New look. New ideas! I like the "fix it" feature a lot.

  3. Great ideas...I like the no pressure part. I should rearrange some things in my life....

  4. I am REALLY looking forward to Wednesdays!