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Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Fun With the Family

Well I am obviously not participating in Oswald Cuties or iHeartfaces this week, but hey this is my blog. We had a great weekend, you can read more about it here; but I just wanted to post some more pictures from our fun afternoon.Worth the money for the ticket for the merry-go-round for those smiles

These tractors went so slow-but the kids still loved them

Panning for minerals-as my kids kept saying

And who doesn't love a big rooster??

Hope you had a fun weekend too!


  1. Oh! All these pictures are great, but the one of Lucas hugging the merri-go-round poll is THE BEST! SO CUTE!! I just love that face!!!!

  2. I am with Rachel on that picture of Lucas! Adorable. So glad you all could get out do something fun.

  3. What a fun place! Great pictures! Winter has out a squash on my picture taking. I am ready for warmer weather so I can do more.

  4. looks like y'all had a ton of fun!

  5. Your kiddos are adorable!
    What a fun day.
    {Love the rooster}