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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Capture: Youth

I know I usually do You Capture on Thursdays-but well I didn't get any photos "fixed" and so I am doing this today instead.

This week's You Capture Theme is Youth

Youth is

Getting totally messy while you eat and not caring one bit
found in favorite childhood toys and all the memories that comes with it
And Youth is

Little ballerina feet and tutus
Head over to Beth's to see some more Youthful pictures.


  1. So precious! That first one is beyond adorable! :)

  2. Love the ballet one! ANd Ryder's face always makes me smile!

  3. Oh I love that first picture! What a sweet littl guy.

  4. Oh that face does my heart some good! All of your photos are beautiful, as usual!

  5. There is a picture of me from when we went to Knott's when Ryan was a baby. I was eating ribs. And there was sauce all over my face. There is also food in my mouth as I was in the middle of chewing. I will never share it because it's not cute on a grown woman. HAHA. On a baby...freaking adorable.

  6. Love love love the pic of the three little tutus! Adorable!!

  7. These pictures are adorable! Love that little toothy girn:)

  8. Aww...what a cute idea! The ballerina toes were too cute!