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Monday, August 15, 2011

iHeart Faces: Beautiful Eyes

This week's iHeartfaces theme is beautiful eyes. When I heard this I immediately thought of my daughter- as her big bambi eyes have always received so many comments. So I looked through my pictures and found this one, just something unique and different about it that keeps bringing me back to it.
Check out the other beautiful eyes at iheartfaces.


  1. She does have great eyes for sure. Gorgeous picture!

  2. Awh. I love it. Speaks to the kid and mother in me.

  3. I love iHeartFaces. And I love those beautiful eyes! They really are doe eyes!

  4. Such an adorable capture of her... I love the personality in her expression. And those eyes - are truly, truly beautiful!


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  6. Love, Love this photo! She's beautiful. I'm hoping to learn photography...someday. :)