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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 68-Down in the Pit

Here's where I am going to be all week,
down in the pit.
I obviously didn't take this picture, but no way to take a picture of myself in the pit from the stage.
.. and hey I am actually in a shot :)

Camera: Olympus Point and Shoot


  1. Yay for you and a photo of your talent! Love it!

  2. I'm with Camily. Rock ON for giving us this glimpse into you!!

  3. Kristin is going tonight with the Young Women. She is very excited. Emily wants to hear you play.

  4. Awesome. do they let you blog from the pit? (:

  5. Wow. How do you do it all. Your magnificent blog makeover, the 365, 2 adorable and creative while demanding children with another on the way. YOu look great. I have read as much as I could from your blogs in this tiny little stolen moment. I miss your blog, your words, your voice your pictures. I cannot wait to rejoin in blog magic. Be well.

  6. I say it still counts :)

    At least its not the Pit of Despair.