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Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 71-Photo Editing

I am doing something a bit different for today's picture.

I have had several questions about how I do the different post picture editing. I do not have Photoshop. I do have a trial of Photoshop Elements. But all of the edits I am about to show you were done in iPhoto (got rid of the scratch on her nose) and mostly in Adobe Lightroom, which currently still has a free trial of the Beta 3 version. (FYI-an awesome Photoshop like program that is ALWAYS free is Gimp!) There are so many presets you can get to install that will change these pictures with the click of a button. Most of the presets that I am going to show you came from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tricks, AWESOME site!

I must admit, when I am in messing with a picture, I often don't save or remember what I did, I just get in there and start pushing buttons and tweaking... so while I can't tell you specifically for each picture, this can just show some of the fun you can have. One of these days I will have to do a more in-depth tutorial, but just jump in and have fun!

These pictures are all entitled-why you should monitor a three-year-old with a stamper.

The Original

So don't be afraid to mess around and try stuff out. You never know what you may get.


  1. If life (or your camera) gives you lemons...

  2. The tatooed lady! Haha. I am going to check out those sites. Thanks.

  3. OH my gosh, I lvoe the top left one the best--wow! Thanks so much for the tips and reminder.. I haven't figured much out about Lightroom yet but that's mostly due to a very demanding baby and toddler! I'm dying to create these types of effects!

    Love the shot, btw.. that is amazing that you captured that (hey, she was already green, right?!)

  4. I love that you showed all your edits. Love the first left.

    I'm like you, I sometimes think of sharing what I did to a photo but unless I save it as a psd. file before flattening the image I have no idea what steps I took.

  5. I am just starting on the editing part and loving it.