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Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 275-281

Day 275
Friday, October 1st
My two little guys.
The both love each other so much.

Day 276
Saturday, October 2nd

Did this beautiful girl's school photo shoot today.

Day 277
Sunday, October 3rd

Sunday evening walks are wonderful.
And so are baby feet

Day 278
Monday, October 4th

My neck hurts looking at her sleeping like that.

Day 279
Tuesday, October 5th

Anyone see the movie Cars?
I couldn't help but smile when we were behind this guy.

Day 280
Wednesday, October 6th

Today's plans were greatly changed when Alex got sick in the morning.
Picking up Lucas from school was tiring for her.

Day 281
Thursday, October 7th
Was actually able to capture his adorable smile today.
He is getting so big!


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I can hardly believe the last one is Ryder! Holy Cow! So big and so cute. WOWY! I really like Alex's cute outfit too in her first sleeping one. Is she better? The truck on is really fun too.

  2. I love that part in cars! Cracks me up! So sorry Alex was sick, but I am glad she bounced back so quick.

    Love LOVE that last picture of Ryder. Wow! And I am just biased about that lovely young lady. ;) She is looking more and more grown up. *sigh*

  3. Aw, you take such great pictures! I'm new here by the way, followed you over from Mindi's blog.
    Anyway, I just love meeting other moms, so now I'm following your cute blog :)