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Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 268-274

Day 268
Friday, September 24thIt's been hot-I let them play in the water again.
I think they had fun

Day 269
Saturday, September 25th

It was really dark when we left the party.
So dark I couldn't see the kids in the back
So when I lifted up my phone and took a picture
I had no idea what I was going to get.
Too bad my hand was covering the lens a bit.

Day 270
Sunday, September 26th

We take a multi-vitamin and calcium at night..
it was late, I hadn't taken a picture- I was taking a picture of the bottles;
Eric dared me to take a picture of him "like this"... I complied.
And well he is 15" taller than me so this angle really is my usual view.

Day 271
Monday, September 27th

End of September...
wrong, wrong, wrong wrong
Oh and our upstairs AC stopped working the day before.

Day 272
Tuesday, September 28th

Waiting in the car pool lane is fun to do.. fun to do, to do, to do.

Day 273
Wednesday, September 29th

After three days of suffering
our AC was fixed!
The compressor blew up. Doh!

Day 274
Thursday, September 30th

Rain in the day
makes sunsets that make me say Yeah!
This image is SOOC.


  1. Wow! Lucas looks so grown up in the first picture. Crazy! The second one is funny too. I love your sunset pictures! You waiting is pretty cool too. FUn picture set!

  2. I love the sunset. I miss the ones from the west coast.

  3. The sunset is soooo pretty. I wondered if you had taken a picture!!

  4. I can't believe your beautiful son is four months old! How long have I been out of touch?

    I hear you on the heat -- I thought we've had it bad in the 90's up here -- and with no air conditioning. I have been there, and will NEVER go back. I'll sell one of my kids first :)

    That sunset makes me long for Southern California...just a little trip...