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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 123-126

Well I am definitely not getting any better about posting a picture a day... but I am still taking one a day. So from newest to oldest:

126I came home last night to see this giant beauty hanging on the wall.
Eric picked it out all by himself.
Yes I am one very lucky women with a husband with great taste!

In an effort to let go and say yes:
When I was asked "can we play in the sprinklers"


Dramatic Acting?
Or ducking from water balloons?

If you picked the later you are right.

When I sit at the computer and look up
this is what I see.
How about you?
(Part of a Hawaiian quilt in case you are wondering)

Why one should never put the left over spaghetti sauce on top of the yogurts.


  1. Oh yuck what a mess. I would have cried a little.

    It really does look like some dramatic acting.

    Love the clock. And yes, he does have good taste.

  2. Nice clock.

    I have been trying to convince my boys that the fridge is off limits... but it's not working. Maybe I need one of those fridge locks. After all the other day I did come in the kitchen to find Eli wiping his hands off because he cracked an egg... on my kitchen rug! *sigh*

  3. The one with Lucas and the hose is so great. I love that! So cute.

    I am sorry about the sauce. I have a picture of the day like that too, but yours is worse, most of my sauce stayed in the grocery sack!

    I LOVE the clock too. Do you still have the one you made as well?

  4. UGH! Why does left-over spagetti ALWAYS get put on top of something like that? It never fails! My kids do it every time.

    LOVE the shot of the kids outside waiting for the water balloons! Adorable expressions :)

  5. I love that clock. WOW! and YES to sprinklers and water balloons? Good times.

  6. Pretty clock! Cute kids! Makes me want to go play in the sprinkler! :)

  7. Oh...that sauce all over is just pure misery.