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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 147 on Down...

Okay, well time to finally catch up. I have been taking pictures, almost every day... just the posting has been a little hard. So over the next few days I will post a week at a time, starting with the most recent until I get caught up. All pictures are straight out of the camera.. as let's face it I don't have time to mess with pictures right now.

Day 147
Thursday, May 27thThis is a fitting first picture.
This is my hospital band...
I am not taking it off until Ryder is discharged from the hospital

Day 146
Wednesday, May 26th
Planting flowers with grandma was a favorite activity

Day 145
Tuesday, May 25th
Fountain by the library
a good place for the kids to throw coins in

Day 144
Monday, May 24th
This picture is just wrong...
and never one I thought I would be taking.
It is the end of May...
we are from California..
Utah you are being mean

Day 143
Sunday, May 23rd
Eric left back to California this day..
the NICU nurses made this for him to take back home.
They really are amazing staff.

Day 142
Saturday, May 22nd
Our little Ryder
born at 32 weeks
and the reason we are still in Utah

Day 141
Friday, May 21st
In his Father's hand...

Day 140
Thursday, May 2oth

There is an awesome park across the street from the hospital
complete with bridge and walking paths

And I have missed linking up with this guy..
make sure you check out his great blog
and all of the other people that share their pictures too.

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  1. Beautiful pictures Emily! You don't even need to edit your pictures. They seriously all look great. I love the ones with Ryder and Eric and I seriously think that Ryder looks just like Eric.

    A happy day it will be when that bracelet comes off. We're praying for it!

  2. Emmy, I have missed you!

    And I've been wondering how things were going for your little family. I'm sorry you're stuck here in Utah, but we're glad to have you. Actually, I was talking to Cecily (My Chaos, My Bliss) about you the other day. if we knew where you were we'd send you some flowers --though I don't blame you for not putting ALL of your private information up for the whole world to see. :)

    We actually considered ambush-calling some hospitals, to see if we could find you :)

    Sorry about the snow on Monday -- I actually threw Emma's winter coat away the Saturday before, because, hey, it's almost June!

    The picture of Ryder's tiny head in his father's hand choked me up. Thanks a lot :)

    It's so good to hear from you, hang in there. We're praying for the day that bracelet comes off.

    By the way, you're not linked up this week -- I'd be happy to do it for you, if you'd like me too.

  3. Love LOVE all of them... the fountain one is super cool. I love the one the staff put together for Eric that is so sweet.

  4. I love the fountain! You take such great pictures!