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Saturday, May 29, 2010

132 And Up

Okay, so still playing catch up. For this week of catch up I decided to reverse the order of the pictures, oldest to newest... as well this is the week that changed everything.

Day 132
Wednesday, May 12th
See that tired worn out looking guy brushing his teeth in the hospital?
That is because this day was supposed to be morning trip to the temple..
and then an afternoon at the Dino museum with the kids...
my water breaking at 32 weeks was not part of the plan

Day 133
Thursday, May 13th
Still in the hospital trying to keep the baby in.
IV's and I don't always work so well..
My wrist is still all bruised up from this two weeks later

Day 134
Friday, May 14th
Happy Birthday Ryder!
Obviously I did not take this picture..
but well I didn't take any pictures this day,
I was a little busy

Day 135
Saturday, May 15th
Their first visit to the baby brother

Day 136
Sunday, May 16th
Best thing about visiting Mom in the hospital,
well the wheel chair in her room of course.

Day 137
Monday, May 17th
My nighttime "snack"
half a sandwich, watermelon and peanuts..
I think the hospital was trying to get me fat.

Day 138
Tuesday, May 18th

I got discharged from the hospital today...
and well I forgot to take any pictures

Day 139
Wednesday, May 19th
I'm cheating again..
but hey I just had a baby at 32 weeks, I think I can cheat.
This was the kids second visit.
Ryder was the most alert and opened his eyes more than he ever had during this visit.

So almost all caught up now... once I get caught up I will try and post pictures more regularly.


  1. I'm impressed that there is only one day without a picture. Pretty good.

    And yeah, what's up with a meal for a nighttime snack anyway? :)

  2. Like Rachel said, that was no snack...that was a MEAL! Yikes. And I don't think it is cheating if you are the one in the picture. You should be in some of them!!