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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Okay and here are the last weeks pictures and now I am finally caught up! Hooray!!!

Day 148
Friday May 28th
Look at that lady killer smile!
My cute guy

Day 149
Saturday, May 29th

Hmmm... I think I missed this day...opps

Day 150
Sunday, May 30th
Eric brought me back a few things from California...
including this, one of my very own!
Don't have to steal his anymore

Day 151
Monday May 31st
We went to the local cemetery and saw all of the beautiful flowers on the graves

Day 152
Tuesday, June 1st
I stayed over night at the hospital for two nights so I could feed Ryder all night long.
This is the room I stayed in

Day 153

Wednesday, June 2ndHome with me and tube and wire free!!
A good good day

Day 154
Thursday, June 3rd
The big sister is in love


  1. OMGOodness! beautiful photos! Congrats on your sweet little guy!

  2. I love his smile in the first picture - so cute. Congrats on Ryder's homecoming!

  3. Great pictures!! Love Ryder's name. So glad he is home!
    And you are now more caught up than me.... I lost the point n shoot that some of this week's pictures are on so I'm missing a couple days. Ooops. :)

  4. how exciting to have your sweet baby home. ♥ and an Ipad. wow...what a week. :)

  5. He even has a little chub going on! Way to go Ryder! Alex looks older to me now! She must have done some growing.

  6. beautiful baby....he's adorable...congrats on the IPAD...i want one bad.

  7. Emmy, that little smile is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

    (so is the iPad, but for completely different reasons :)

    I'm so glad your young man is doing well!