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Thursday, June 3, 2010

127 Through 131

Okay here is the last of the old catch ups.. then I will post another post with the last week's pictures. And then I think I will officially be caught up! Whew. Word of advice, don't get behind posting pictures.. oh and don't have a baby at 32 weeks.

Day 131
Tuesday, May 11thThe Beverage and Snack Game
A traditional game we play whenever we come to Eric's parents house

Day 130
Monday, May 10th
There are a few things we have to do when we come to Utah.. such as eating at Five Guys..
The other.. getting donuts from Beyond Glazed! Mmmmm

Day 129
Sunday, May 9th

Mother's Day!
Alex loves her Mimi!

Day 128
Saturday, May 8th
One of my favorite exit's along the drive from CA to Utah

Day 127
Friday, May 7th

Well.. no pic this day :( I was busy packing for a week long (turned month long) vacation.

I will hopefully post another weeks worth of pictures and be caught up soon!

And don't forget to check out great pictures here:

Hosted by Chris


  1. The one with Mimi and Alex is so dear! And that road sign totally cracks me up. Right up there with the 12 1/2 mph one I took. haha

    What a month you have had!

  2. Those doughnuts look so good.

  3. Well now how did I miss this installment? I know I would have totally commented on the road sign. We would always play the alphabet game early on just so we could finish it at that point. Haha.

  4. how do you play the snack game I want to know...drop me a line if you have time to tell me..