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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 169-175

Day 169
Friday, June 18th
"You had better catch them"
I threatened my nieces as I lay on the ground to get this shot.

Day 170
Saturday, June 19th

The man in the middle..
well he's my dad and we celebrated his 70th birthday this week

Day 171
Sunday, June 20th

Need a snack while playing games?
Well roast marshmallows over candles of course.

Day 172
Monday, June 21st
I was kicking myself for only bring my point and shoot...
we went to the park and look what we saw in the tree!

Day 173
Tuesday, June 22nd
Well last week I cooked...
Tonight-not so much

Day 174
Wednesday, June 23rd
This little bottle has become a life-saver
for a refluxy baby

Day 175

Thursday, June 24thPrecious little baby hand..
and my hand to go with it.
Oh and I took this picture with my new iPhone!!!

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  1. Okay, where do I start? I love your pictures. I love how I get a feel for your week by seeing them. Grilled KFC? Never had that, but it sounds good. Who needs cooking anyway?! And an iphone. Todd is going to be so jealous. He doesn't even have an ipod touch yet. . . he so wishes for an iphone. The batton picture is so great! And the owl. So crazy cool.

    Reflux meds helped little Ethan too. And your Dad is 70? Wow?! I guess 70 isn't as old to me as it used to be . . . or else we're just getting old too. ;) And I love the roasting marshmallow. Fabulous!

  2. I am sooo glad the meds are helping! I love the owl! How cool. And the one of the girls with the batons...welll good job!! I would have been scared.