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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 246-Day 252

I hardly feel like I should post this week... I missed a day again... I really just think I have gotten burned on the 365 thing... but I will keep going. Maybe if I went back to posting daily I would be more accountable. There are some days were I take a ton of pictures and then I just don't take anything. I think next year I will keep posting pictures, but going to do things a little different than just the 365.

Day 246
Friday, September 3rd

I have been trying to get a video of him smiling and "talking"
I accidentally had my phone on picture mode and got a picture...

Day 247
Saturday, September 4th
Game Day!
And a great present from my in-laws

Day 248
Sunday, September 5th
We blessed Ryder at church today.
And I did take this picture,
used my tripod and remote.

Day 249
Monday, September 6th

Eric's parents came into town for the weekend.
We spent part of Labor day at the Air force museum.
I love this picture of Eric and his dad, and Alex.

Day 250
Tuesday, September 7th
We were the smart ones.
Just ask the tour bus driver, she will confirm it.
We went to the zoo the day after Labor Day.

Day 251
Wednesday, September 8th

mmmm... yeah great picture today huh?

Day 252
Thursday, September 9th
We are an Apple family to the core. (core haha get it)
I should have thrown my iPad in the picture too.


  1. you are doing way bettr than most inclding myself...keep at it! always enjoy! thx

  2. My mom sent us those BYU shirts too! It's fun to have them. Go Cougars. It's fun to see these pictures. Ryder is growing up.

  3. I LOVE your family picture. And I really love the air force picture too. So cool. So fun to capture a moment like that. Really love it. Keep going! Keep taking pictures. Even the ones you don't think are good are memories and I love seeing all of them!

  4. "to the core." Groan. But I still laughed. hahaha. You will get a picture of him smiling. You will. My favorite is day 251! HAHA! Kidding of course.

  5. We are an apple family as well! LOVE IT! Do you have an Iphone 4?