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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 253-Day 259

Well I didn't post daily, but I actually put more time and thought into most of my pictures this week. And I didn't miss a day!

Day 253
Friday, September 10th
Oh to have hair like that..
I <3 my daughter's hair.

Day 254
Saturday, September 11th

We celebrated this awesome lady's birthday today,
though it was actually the week before.
And yeah she might be a decade older than me,
but she is one of my best friends.

Day 255
Sunday, September 12th

"I got wet trying to clean my shoes"
"Well you are already wet you might as well play in the water."
And I was suddenly the coolest mom on the planet.
Sometimes it really is good to just say yes.

Day 256
Monday, September 13th

My cute boy is four months old!
Well, technically he turned four months on the 14th,
but I did one of his photo shoots a day early.

Day 257
Tuesday, September 14th
I was taking Ryder's monthly picture and Alex said 'take a picture with me too!'
My girl who lately runs away from the camera
jumped in for many shots and was instructing me on what pictures to take.
I didn't object.

You can see more pictures from Ryder's photo shoot here.

Day 258
Wednesday, September 15th

This bad day was made so much better by this.
Cherry Limeade, breakfast toaster.. oh yeah!

Day 259
Thursday, September 16th
For a boy who a few months ago wrote in all caps
and would hardly sit still, this makes me happy.
He did write the word is, I just cut it off in the picture, opps :)


  1. Great set of pictures this week! I love the picture of your daughter's hair, the one of the little wet feet and the bucket of water, and the shots of Ryder are gorgeous!

  2. The water in the bucket one is so great! And I just love the photo of Ryder, his eyes look so gorgeous!! Great set of pictures. Lucas' handwriting is great!

  3. The one of Alex's hair is so cool.

    When I first saw the cake, I saw the figurines and not the cake, and I thought oh cute, where did she get those? HAHAHA!

    I am so impressed with Lucas' writing sample. He is doing awesome.

  4. These pictures are AWESOME!!!! I should be taking soooo many more pictures :(