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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 260-Day 267

Day 260
Friday, September 17th
Something so fun about playing with the hose
and squirting the screen glass door.
I took this picture from the safety of inside.

Day 261
Saturday, September 18th

Work Saturday for Eric,
so we went took lunch out to him.
I blurred out the hospital name

Day 262
Sunday, September 19th

As beautiful as roses are,
they never last forever.

Day 263
Monday, September 20th

Alex "reading" in her fort.
And yes Kristen, that is your book,
we will bring it back on Saturday.

Day 264
Tuesday, September 21st

Did you know they have homework in kindergarten now?
It often involves a lot of coloring.. which Lucas quickly tires of.
But if I grab a coloring book and color alongside him,
it makes it so much better.

Day 265
Wednesday, September 22nd

Yes he is adorable.

Day 267
Thursday, September 23rd

Lately I haven't taken nearly enough pictures of this cute guy..
and he is the one that actually poses for me.


  1. It's true, it made me really smile to see a picture of Lucas. He is so growing up, I can hardly believe it! He has always had the best smile. I agree, Ryder is adorable! I love the reading one. And the hose one is awesome. I love your friday picture posts!

  2. Such a fun shot of your daugther. I love the look of pure joy on her face.

    I think that roses are so beautiful when they are dying. :)

    Adorable kid shots.

  3. I really like the one of the roses. When I saw the book, I was all, "Oh hey we have that book too!" haha!

    Ryan's homework is usually: writing his name using upper case and lower case letters. Practicing sounds, ordering numbers, reading his little books. Etc. I don't think we have colored one thing at home.

  4. Wow...I sure enjoyed all of these pics this week. Thanks!