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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Culd-du-sac

I rolled down the window and turned the radio up, anxiously waiting for my chance to win $1000. I knew it was long shot, but hey, if I didn't try I wouldn't win.

Ryder darted into the garage and retrieved his soccer ball. He stretched, lifting it high above his head and with all his might threw it right to me.

I stopped the ball and kicked it back. This game continued for several minutes. ' Kick it back' I encouraged. I stopped the ball, kicked it to Ryder and he swung his little toddler leg back and kicked it perfectly right to me.

The announcement came on the radio station- I quickly hit dial, already having the number programed in. Busy signal. Darn, I tried again. Nothing. I tried until the announcement came on saying a winner was picked. Maybe next time.

"Car, car" Ryder said pointing to the Little Tykes car.

I got it down for him and he climbed in. I pushed from the top as his little feet "walked" barely touching the ground. He wouldn't go anywhere on his own the way he was walking but his feet moving kept his feet from acting like natural breaks.I pushed him around our culd-du-sac. "Doggies" he said and pointed at our neighbors dogs who were now greeting us rather loudly. It didn't phase Ryder and he just stayed pointing and grunting occasionally.He then tired of the dogs and climbed back into his car. We cut across the culd-du-sac rolling over the manhole cover. He put his feet down, forcing the car to break, got out and excited pointed at the cover.

"W" he said pointing at the W in "sewer". "Good job,W!" I praised. "R" he then said.

He then climbed back in the car, this time making it across to where our house number was painted on the curb. He climbed out pointing at each number again and again wanting me to repeat the numbers. A bug then crawled in his line of vision. "Bug! Bug" he said through his pacifier filled mouth.He watched the bug for several minutes then was back in his car, little feet quickly dancing along the ground.

I smiled up at the blue sky. This was a good day.


  1. Love how you captured the moment both with your words and pictures. Ryder is so sweet and smart :)!

  2. so cute. so sweet! Love the pictures too!!!