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Friday, March 2, 2012

Day: 48-59 Finishing February

Well now it has been two weeks... now you all know why I say I am not good about keeping a journal. But luckily I still have been taking pictures everyday, just losing the journal aspect of it by waiting so long. But it's a new month-- so my goal is at least every other day for this month (fingers crossed)

Day 48
Saturday, February 18th
Another beautiful day in February so another fun day at the park with the family.
Then Alex and I went and got haircuts- sadly no pictures
And did some shopping just the two of us. A good day.

Day 49
Sunday, February 19thThe only picture I took today- pretty sure it was for the instragram photo of the day...

Day 50
Monday, February 20th
Ryder loves drawing, with pencils, crayons, markers-- and even chalk. He doesn't care what he is using as long as he can draw

Day 51
Tuesday, February 21st
What happens when you give a toddler a graham cracker with chocolate frosting

Day 52
Wednesday, February 22nd

I never claimed to have good handwriting

Day 53
Thursday, February 23rd

The oldest two off at school, just me and toddler shopping so why not a reward of a donutHe completely enjoyed it

Day 54
Friday, February 24th

Today was a good day, Lucas got two awards at school

Day 55
Saturday, February 25th

Today was for me-- shopping all day with my best friend CA Girl
We found the Holy Grail while shopping!And ate a yummy lunch too

Day 56
Sunday, February 26th

Stayed home from church today with Alex since she was sickBut the boys were still feeling good.
I asked Lucas to pose and this is what I got
Day 57
Monday, February 27th

I was cleaning out my dresser and found this noteit was what Eric wrote when we were ordering wedding invitations about 11 years ago- this is what he wanted us to put on our invitations. He didn't win

Day 58
Tuesday, February 28th

See he really does like to write

Day 59
Wednesday, February 29th

This day only happens every four years and I am thinking that is good.
We spent two hours at instant care to leave with a clean bill of health for Alex. Only to have Ryder slowly get worse and worse and end up doing a lot of thisAnd when he was feeling a little better- a soft squishy ball aimed just right knocked it right off the wall, the frame did not survive

March pictures to come tomorrow!


  1. Sorry about the sick kids. Such cute pictures though. I swear Ryder is getting cuter my the day! My kids will love love to draw with Ryder!

  2. Ha! That could have been wedding invitation is hysterical!