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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 62: March 3rd

6:40 AM- hear Ryder making noise, grateful he slept in

7:00 AM- Go running- run a different route- push it harder- yea a bit too hard

7:30- AM Breakfast, shower, get ready

9:30 AM- Lucas' first soccer game-- they lost but they had fun and played hard and the other team played a little dirty anyway

11:00 AM-Pick up my new furniture I bought last night!

11:45 AM- Lunch

12:45 PM - Alex's parent/soccer meeting

2:30 PM- Vacuum/clean van as it would be embarrassing to take it to get the oil changed in it's current state

4:00 PM- Get the oil changed in the car-- I decide the whole family should go so we can get some dinner afterwards.

hahaha sob sob hahahaha boohooo --what was I thinking??

Though I did get this cute picture of Ryder
5:00 PM Dinner at Chick Fil A

7:00 PM Eric goes to his basketball game, takes Lucas

10:00 PM Kids have long been in bed, it's dark, it's night. Eric is watching a basketball game and I am writing this post.

What a busy day. Makes me tired just reading this post!


  1. yep..that is life with a family!
    worth every second of effort.

  2. Busy with some fun parts too! Can't wait to see your new living room!!