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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Few Days

While I am not really trying to post everyday anymore-- as let's face it- it wasn't happening- I do want to recap these last few days

Wednesday, April 4th
When you go to Costco right before lunch, you will end up wanting and eating lots of samples.
But when this little guy eats two cups of pot roast- when he often won't touch most meat-- I am more than happy to call our two (or three) rounds of samples lunch.

Thursday, April 5th

Last day of mostly kid free day to get Easter shopping done.
Yes, I am sorry we are shopping... again.

Friday, April 6th
I got a note a couple of weeks earlier, saying Lucas would be getting an award today but not to tell. We went to the school, with no clue what he would be getting. The 1st-3rd grade classes came in... we still wondered. And then we soon knew

Lucas- student of the month

We enjoyed the rest of the day outside in the beautiful weather--

though Alex brought her umbrella out as it was "too hot" which Ryder quickly took over

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  1. Hahaha I love the Sorry yes we are shopping again picture! My youngest feels the same way often! So cute!