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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Friend Whereever She Goes

Spent the afternoon at Scandia- a mini amusement park. The kids ran from ride to ride, taking advantage of the small crowds. Ryder and I went at a slower pace, but he knew what he wanted to do.

"Train" he said pointing. "Bus" he then said. If I set him down he would begin walking off, arms pumping back and forth as he headed towards what he wanted to ride next. He loved the giant slide the best, laughing the entire way down as he rode on Eric's or my lap.

Alex wanted to go on the tilt-a-whirl again and again. One time was enough for Eric- and me, I didn't want to go even once. Luckily, Alex did what Alex always does and she made a friend. I never quite see how it happens--but suddenly she will be holding hands with a girl near her age running to get on the ride again. They sit in the same car, laughing the whole time as the spin round and round. When the ride stops, she quickly exits, grabs hands with her new friends and they run around to get on the ride again. After about the third time on the ride I hear her finally ask the girls name. How does she do that?

After they are sufficiently dizzy they run to the next ride together. Alex's new friend's mom and myself trailing behind.

I marvel at how fearless she is- when it comes to friends, when it comes to life-- even going on the big roller coaster with Eric. I hope she always has this ability- the ability to just jump right in, make friends and enjoy life.


  1. Way to go Alex! I was never like that, I hope she can always be like that too!

  2. I loved the pictures...I love to take pictures as well. WOW... this is a great blog :)

  3. What fun memories!!! Love that last shot it is so beautiful!