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Monday, April 2, 2012

Perfect Bed Time

I sat upstairs in the hallway, waiting for the others to come back up. Ryder hid behind me, pressing his warm body against mine. "Where did Ryder go?" I pretended concern.

He slowly crept from behind my back, his eyes twinkling, the corners of his smile showing from behind his green pacifier. He went back again putting his arms around me. "Oh no..." I said again.

Lucas made it back upstairs first, bringing Ryder his milk. He placed the sippy cup on Ryder's head. "Look it's staying!" Lucas squealed as the cup quickly toppled off Ryder's head.

Ryder picked it up and moved his pacifier to his hand and began drinking his milk. "Now Carmel is staying!" Lucas said balancing his favorite stuffed dog on Ryder's head.

"All right everyone time for prayers." Eric said when everyone made it back up.

"I will sit here, come here Ryder" Lucas said sitting in his truck chair- the same chair he had had since he was younger than Ryder. The chair was now covered with a bright orange fabric with excavators and diggers, the original blue truck cover long worn out with a hole where his legs rubbed against the fabric.

I smiled at the moment, suddenly realizing that before I knew it my two boys would be much to old to sit on a chair together. I need to enjoy this, I said to myself.

We finally got everyone to settle down and said prayers. It was Alex's turn to say the prayer. She began;
"Dear Heavenly Father. Thank thee for this day and help--' are you going anywhere tonight?'" Alex whispered to Eric interpreting her own prayer. "No" Eric whispered back. 'and help that daddy will travel to work safely tomorrow...."

Yes, I do need to enjoy this.My boys relaxing on my bed- and please ignore my ugly quilt- I am trying to find something I love to replace it

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  1. I haven't posted in ages...I need to. Maybe tomorrow. It's so hard. We are busy. These are all great pics.