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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 176-182

Day 176
Friday, June 25thBest socks ever!
They are so so soft too,
I want a pair

Day 177
Saturday, June 26thI subjected both Ryder and Eric to a photo shoot today
You can see more pictures from it on my main blog here.

Day 178
Sunday, June 27th

Bubbles from Grandma make the afternoon fun

Day 179
Monday, June 28th
Nothing sweeter than a baby snuggled on your chest
And yes I did take this picture

Day 180
Tuesday, June 29th

Hikes in the mountains=dirty shoes and pants
but a lot of fun too

Day 181
Wednesday, June 30th
End of the day and I haven't taken a picture yet..
well why not shoot the end of the day then?

Day 182
Thursday, July 1st
My type of flower..
big, beautiful
and they just come back every year
I don't have to do anything for them

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  1. Those are great pictures again. Lots of fun ones - love the socks, love the dirty shoe. And your end of day one is so beautiful.

  2. Well I am sucker for little baby feet! That sock picture is so cute. haha.

  3. You have wonderful images this week, but oh Emmy, day 177 is absolute perfection. What a marvelous moment - almost, ALMOST, makes me miss my little babies (of course mine were born larger than Ryder is now :)

  4. Great pictures but 180 is by far my favorite.

  5. Glad to see you in a pic, Emily. Loved the agapanthus too. Gee, I miss you guys...