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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 204-210

Day 204
Friday, July 23rdAlex is always wanting Ryder to hold her finger,
he usually complies

Day 205
Saturday, July 24th
A fun dinner at the cousins with lots of family in town
A yummy desert was required of course

Day 206
Sunday, July 25th

We took Ryder to church for the first time today.
He was all dressed up, ready to go.

Day 207
Monday, July 26th

We have a picnic almost every day for lunch.
A picnic in the family room while watching a show that is.

Day 208
Tuesday, July 27th
"Go wash your hands off"
"After I lick them"
You know what is worth enjoying in life.

Day 209
Wednesday, July 28th

Alexandria your feet.. so big and so solid.
Not petite and dainty by any means.
I wonder where in life those feet are going to take you?

Day 210
Thursday, July 29th

There is never enough time in the day


  1. I LOVE that picture of Ryder holding Alex's finger!! So tender and tiny.

    I love Thursday's picture. hehehe. I think I know where most of both our time went. ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I just love Fridays when I get to see all your great shots. Ryder and Alex's finger - oh so sweet! That treat looks so yummy! I love the clock one. Everything!