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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 197-203

Day 197
Friday, July 16th
I did not take a picture this day.
I did take a video, a video which shows why I did not take any pictures
Get ready for your heart to break a bit.
This incident lasted twenty minutes.
We have an appointment with a GI doctor.

Day 198
Saturday, July 17th
It's hot.
And I need gas.

Day 199
Sunday, July 18th
It's bedtime.
I'm tired.
And no I don't need a nightlight, I am not that big of a baby.
But my baby that sleeps in my room does,
makes night time diaper changes much easier.

Day 200
Monday, July 19th

Who wants a nice loaf of fresh bread?
Hopefully no one in our house as well the loaf pan is being used as a hat.

Day 201
Tuesday, July 20th
Warm, lazy afternoon.
A movie, lots of popcorn.
Well you do that math.

Day 202
Wednesday, July 21st
I was brave... and I used my zoom lens.
This guy is making a home for himself on our fence.

Day 203
Thursday, July 22nd
Another happier image of the reason I haven't been taking many pictures.

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  1. The last three pictures are really cool. I love the popcorn bowl pic. So colorful! I like the spider one too - crazy cool. And the last one is way cute too. You should use that as your photo for your blogs (the about me pic). :)

  2. #197 I could only bear that one once and even then it was horrible. I am soooo sorry you are going through this.

    #198 Way too hot. I like this week better.

    #199 We have a night light in our bathroom area so we won't run into a wall or something in the night.

    #200 Mmmmm hair bread. hahaha.

    #201 Swimming makes you hungry and tired

    #202 As long as his home stays on the fence!

    #203 This is a cute picture. I can't do this with my auto focus. :(

  3. Poor little guy. There isn't anything that can cut straight to your heart than a babies cry.

  4. Awww... sweet photos, love that last one!!!!! : ))