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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 190-196

Another week has gone by... time really does seem to go quickly when you take it an entire week at at time.
Day 190
Friday, July 9th
Lucas completed his swim lessons today...
thanks to a little bribery encouragement.
The new Toy Story 3 Lego Train, very powerful.

Day 191
Saturday, July 10th
Nothing like a nice glass of water right before bed

Day 192
Sunday, July 11th
When Lucas got his train, I knew we would spend the afternoon building it.
So I figured I had better get Alex something or she would be trying to help, i.e. driving Lucas crazy.
She picked out sidewalk chalk

Day 193
Monday, July 12th

Have I ever told you how much we like ice cream?
Horrible picture, but totally captures the moment.
Oh and there was a great sale.

Day 194
Tuesday, July 13th
I cooked a real meal again!
And the iPad is the perfect cookbook.

Day 195
Wednesday, July 14th
This bright-eyed boy is two months old today.
And his 3 1/2 year old sister, well it was just too much excitement for her.

Day 196
Thursday, July 15th
Super hot today.
Super huge afternoon thunderstorms.
Super beautiful sunset.


  1. I love the sunset picture! SO PRETTY. And the one with Ryder and Alex is so so sweet. And holy cow! I can't believe how much ice cream you guys have. That's more than we'd eat in like two years. We never eat ice cream. Now cookies on the other hand . . . :)

  2. Oh where to start! How about at the top... bribery is a new tool in our house and I am amazed at how well it works! Nothing better than sheriff Woody and his trusty steed!

    Neat chalk picture!

    LOVE ice cream too! That is a lot of deliciousness they are holding!!!!

    I love anything that has multi-functions!

    Ryder and his sleepy sister are precious!

    The sunset is beautiful!

    Ok.... now I'm done!

  3. That sunset was totally gorgeous and your picture completely captures it! I love the chalk picture too. And the one of Ryder wide awake next to Alex is sooo sweet!

  4. The ice cream photo made me laugh :) And I seriously love the last two photos. The sunset is beautiful.

  5. Nothing like a glass of water right before bed? I'm guessing it's more like there's nothing like remembering to take a picture right before bed. :)

    Love the iPad, love the Leaning Tower of Ice Cream, and the California sunset makes me swoon.

    I have a question, now that the baby has come, are you considering the photography business idea again?

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