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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 232-Day 238

Well I think this might have been one of my worst 365 weeks to date. I took picture everyday, but just barely.. and often just with my phone. But I have been spending the days editing pictures from 3 different photo shoots, so I think by the time I was done with those my creative photo brain was just done. But though they might not be beautiful shots, they still are my shots and they tell my life. So with that great intro, here is this last weeks pictures.

Day 232
Friday, August 20th
Hey look it's me!
Dress shopping for my little sister's wedding in October.

Day 233
Saturday, August 21st
Dinner at iHop with cousins
now that is a good night out.

Day 234
Sunday, August 22nd

Can you tell what it is?
It's a clear bag of marbles.
The ones I use for the marble jars-
i.e. the way I get my kids to behave.

Day 235
Monday, August 23rd
Monday nights are family night.
The boys looked really cute together
I just hurried and took a picture-flash shadows and all.

Day 236
Tuesday, August 24th
Alex's first ballet class!
She was in heaven.
The class is for 3-5 year olds,
she is the tall one the third from the left.. and she is 3.

Day 237
Wednesday, August 25th
Storms a' comin'
There was lots of wind,
one big lighting bolt and a few drops of rain
then it was gone

Day 238
Thursday, August 26th
Not a Time for Tot's day
this is the real deal, this is homework.
Homework in kindergarten.
School sure has changed since I went to kindergarten.

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  1. it is so hard to keep up with this challenge - I tried it last year and failed miserably!

  2. You look FANTASTIC! WOW! (my twins are 4 and I STILL look pregnant! ACK!)

    LOVE the pic of the boys :) Very cute!

    Wow! Your daughter is tall and that pic is adorable.

  3. Oh my word. I LOVE the sky! : ) And I LOVE your two boys. And the first ballet class. Get the heck out of the city. How sweet is that? Love that little line of girls. Super, super sweet! Good luck finding the perfect dress for the wedding! And good luck getting the class to behave : )

  4. Oh Emily, these pictures aren't bad at all. It's fun to see a peek into your week. Sometimes my pictures are so set up, you can't actually tell how my life is. I can't believe your sis is getting married so soon. I totally thought the marbles were bubble wrap, and I like the ballet picture. Madeline will be just the same way next year when she does ballet . . . TALL!

  5. Love the little ballet class and the clouds! Not such a bad week after all!

  6. You look pretty in that dress...great pics...I thought I would die looking at Alex in class. sigh...

  7. I am with Rachel...I thought the marbles were bubble wrap too. You are too hard on yourself about your pictures. They are awesome!!