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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 218-Day 224

Day 218
Friday, August 6thWe went out to the high desert for a weekend getaway.
Lots of swimming and lots of fun.
And yes, there are two pictures here.
But well, I really liked them both and it's my blog, so get over it enjoy!

Day 219
Saturday, August 7th
Not only did we spend the weekend swimming and having fun,
but Lourie of CA girl and her family (oldest daughter here) joined us for the weekend.
Kristen is under the water in this picture.

Day 220
Sunday, August 8th
On the way back from the high desert you see lots and lots of these.
This is just 1/4 of them at best.
And not a bad shot from my iPhone while speeding down the highway
(and no- I was not driving)

Day 221
Monday, August 9th
A little bit of Lightroom magic and the everyday ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Day 222
Tuesday, August 10th
This was taken in the wee hours of the night, or morning.
You have to look carefully, but see all of that bed to the left of Eric...
yes, I am there on the bed to the right of him.
My proof that he really does hog the bed.
And yes he might have gotten a little kick shortly after this picture.

Day 223
Wednesday, August 11th
Getting ready to go to his first day of kindergarten!
You can read about how it went here.

Day 224
Thursday, August 12th
This evil working of the devil is called a two-bite cupcake.
And yes, it really is two bites... just enough to make you want more.
And since they are just two bites, they are so easy to sneak when the kids aren't watching.
Darn two-bites


  1. I so want a cupcake now . . . :)

    I love the lego lightroom picture, so cool. And the underwater one is very cool too. And that picture of Ryder is oh so cute. I love his eyes in it!

  2. Darn those two bites....Hmmmm....It would make a good post for Metabolism Blues!

    I love the bed hog picture! Maybe I should try that. That and blanket stealing!

  3. I love the little cupcakes too. They also work great when kids take in a birthday treat to school.

  4. Love the first two pictures too! I say put up as many as you like.

    That two-bite cupcake looks good!

  5. Great pictures - that first one is stellar!

  6. Great series of shots! I love both of the pool shots and the baby is so adorable.

  7. The high desert??? I used to live in the HD and actually will be down visiting on the 18th... Small world : )

    Cool pics... Sorry I've been a bad blogger friend... life is busy just as yours seems to be too! : )