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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 211-217

Day 211
Friday, July 30thI made her day,
I let her paint her own toenails for the first time.
She did a really good job.

Day 212
Saturday, July 31st

I saw the ocean for the first time when I was a sophomore in college.
This is Ryder's second time to the ocean... what a life.

Day 213
Sunday, August 1st
Chocolate cake, so good.
Don't believe me,
Ask Alex.

Day 214
Monday, August 2nd

Horrible picture... but look at Lucas' floor.
All picked up. And I didn't do it.
In fact, I didn't even ask him to do it.
He went up to his room, worked for about 45 minutes and did it all one his own.
Yes, this needed to be documented.

Day 215
Tuesday, August 3rd
Baby feet are cute, baby hands are cute
and so are baby ears.
And is it just me or does the hair around his ears look a little reddish??
WTH?? Am I really going to have two redheads?

Day 216
Wednesday, August 4th

When you hit the drink hard in the afternoon...
well it takes you out.

Day 217
Thursday, August 5th

Wow, Alex has made it into a lot of my pictures this week.
She does like holding her brother, for about two minutes, then she is done.

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  1. I just discovered sally girls at Sally beauty store. Little nail polish bottles for under a dollar in all sorts of colors. Love watching little girls pant their toes.

  2. Oh the toenail polish picture is the best!!! I love it! And I love the one with Ryder and Eric at the beach. Alex really was the star this week-her sleeping with her drink haha!, though Lucas' room is pretty sweet too!

  3. love all the kid pics....I just felt joy looking at your week. thank you!

  4. There's a lot of concentration going on in the toe-painting shot... I think you may have a scientist on your hands!

  5. Hahaha...that picture of Alex crashed out is priceless.

    So impressed by Lucas and how well he cleaned his room.

  6. Cute group of shots. The toenail painting shot is my fav. Always a big step into girlhood. :)

  7. Soooo cute and so good to catch up by viewing this week (off chance!) Not much time for blogging with two, I can only imagine with three!!
    The toenail pic is my fave as well, what an amazing shot! You always catch her hair just w/ the right light!