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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 225-231

I never was able to post these last night.. but hey they are coming now at least.

Day 225
Friday, August 13th
A date night! Yeah!
Get a call from the babysitter, boo!
Hurry home as Lucas had a bad bloody nose.

Day 226
Saturday, August 14th

I did a family photo shoot!
It really is a lot of hard work but I love it so much.

Day 227
Sunday, August 15th
I must confess this should have been taken on Saturday...
but Saturday was busy, it got taken on Sunday.
He is so much bigger than a month ago, yeah!!

Day 228
Monday, August 16th
Today was Alex's first day of preschool.
She is loving it!
And I would say I am loving the quiet of having two gone-
but this last week and a half I have been more busy than ever!

Day 229
Tuesday, August 17th
Next week Alex starts ballet.
We bought her clothes today and she had to try them on of course.

Day 230
Wednesday, August 18th
And I had yet another photo shoot this week!
This little guy is 19 days old.

Day 231
Thursday, August 19th
"The mountains on fire" Eric said when he got come.
Luckily they got it out quickly with no homes damaged
This was taken from our upstairs bedroom window, I was too lazy to grab the tripod.


  1. Great photoshoot pictures! I wish you were here to take our family pictures again! And I love the ballet feet, so sweet!

  2. Wow! and great job on the photo shoots!

  3. That would totally freak me out to see something like that out my bedroom window!

    I love the little ballet feet. And wow, for 19 days he sure is big.