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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

So this whole 365 thing- I have tried it, ended it and tried it again many times.  Last year I thought I would do a picture/journal thing on this blog and it last a few months.... but well here I am at it again.  I am doing the instagram #photoaday thing- so if nothing else I will post a picture from that everyday.  I will be backdating my posts to the day they happened, though most likely I will be posting it a day late. So really this is my place just for me.

January 1, 2013

#Photoaday- "Today"

"Today I am at Knotts Berry Farm with CAGirl (Lourie) and her family.  Eating lunch right now."

Lourie's family got tickets to Knotts for Christmas and asked if we wanted to come too- and we jumped on the offer and even bought season passes for our family.

Ryder's favorite was the little race cars.

This is the new way he smiles if I ask him to smile.

He even was brave enough to go on some of the little kiddy rides- like the airplanes and this ride

 all by himself I put him on the ride and he sat there waiting for it to go and loved the whole thing.

Alex loved the roller coasters and got to go on the Pony Express twice when Lucas decided not to last minute.

Me and my girl riding one of the  many rides
Lucas favorite was the train (or trains) of course

Though after barely making it through the line (due to anxiety) but then going on the ride last minute he love loved the Jaguar- a level 4 High thrill roller coaster that we ended up going 3 times that day.

About to enter the coal mine

Me and Lourie
It was a great day- Ryder fell asleep in his stroller on the way back to the car about 6:30 and was out for the night- without any dinner unfortunately.  It was a great day though- and I can't wait to go back just Eric and I sometime to ride all the really big rides we missed out on.

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  1. So much fun! My hubby and Ryan would love that train. So glad you had a great time.