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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10

I was feeling sick.. I was tired...
I really was throwing myself a nice pity party.

But lunch needed to be made. And I really wanted to make my recipe for the cooking club this month.

I knew it would be a doozy, lots of work for a meal my kids probably wouldn't like in the end...
but it is one of the recipes that makes you feel like you are gourmet cook--when you hands get dirty, when you make something from scratch..

And you know-- after making it I didn't feel tired or sick anymore.
Sometimes if you stop throwing yourself a pity party and just do something.. it really does work

Camera: Canon Rebel G Xti--Picture taken by husband at my request


  1. They turned out good, except for the fact that I was running out of time, we had to go to church soon, so I put all of the ravioli in at once (it said not too).. so they kind of all stuck together and it looked like a giant pile of mush almost.

    But they tasted so so good!

  2. Nice work Em! I do the same thing, throw a pity party when really DOING always helps! They look great! Where did you get the dough?

  3. Doing really does help!! I hate that. ;)

  4. I've been at both of your blogs now, reading through posts and looking at photos and what I get from it all is,
    that I really like you! :-)
    I loved your message here and thought it was the best place to respond.