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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16

A foreshadowing I am afraid...
Alex lay on the couch for twenty minutes and "talked" on the phone.

"Be quiet, I am talking on the phone!" she informed me.
And what was she talking about?
I heard lots of, "that's good" "what?"
and the my favorite "we can all get married"


Camera: Canon Rebel G Xti (50 mm lens) ISO 800 f/3.2 1/80 s Post: Adobe Light room


  1. I love enjoying your photos.

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    Hip Weddings

  2. I love this picture....and my mom has a similar picture of me, but I was talking to my dad (who was stationed in Japan at the time.) I grew up to really love my phone :)

  3. Oh Emily, you really are so good at photography. I really am amazed at your pictures. This one is just so great. I love it! And the whole thing is just adorable and funny too. she's a girl through and through!

  4. A foreshadowing indeed! I decided today that while I have so much fun with Keith, there really is nothing like a little girl. I get to play dress up with her right now, when she is older we will have tea parties... things my son doesn't really want to do. I love that Alex was so serious about her phone call. She is simply adorable!

  5. Better get unlimited texting! haha. Love it.

  6. Ha! She won't be talking into the phone she will have fast furious fingers texting away.