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Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11

"Kick Me!"
"Put your feet on me!"
"Smash me!"

These are a few of the things I hear my kid yelling to each other quite regularly.
Why they like to play this way is a mystery to me
... someone usually ends up getting hurt...
but it isn't always Alex... Lucas only has 7 lbs on her.. she can hold her own.


  1. LOL! When we were little we used to play a game called pedal feet. That picture reminds me of our game....except no one was begging to be kicked. :)

  2. Things like this always make me laugh! Glad our kids all do this.

  3. I love (and cringe) to hear my kids playing! Love the moment!

  4. I hear stuff like, "Push me off the marble"(You know the little entry way) and okay you hit me first. I can see an SNL skit in my head about this to the absolute extreme! Cute picture.

  5. That is exactly how my two play together. Drives me crazy, because while they are having fun while they are, it always ends in tears as someone got just a little too rough.