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Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18

Growing up I took piano lessons... and then I began playing the flute.
Our band instructor wanted us to have private lessons,
so I began flute lessons.
Flute and piano lessons were just too much,
so the piano was left behind.

And the flute took it's place.

Thank to my nose finally clearing up- I was able to get my flute back out and practice again today.

Camera: Canon Rebel G Xti (Nifty 50 lens) ISO 1600 f/ 1.8 1/640 s


  1. I am impressed that you can play the flute. I tried it as a kid and just couldn't get the hang of it.

    Beautiful shot as well.

  2. A lovely picture from you, as always!

    Are you still practicing for the musical?

  3. Great shot. Glad your nose is feeling better.

  4. I am practicing for the musical. We haven't gotten the music yet, but I just need to practice to so I can play for over a hour without dying :)

    Haven't done a show since high school.

  5. I played flute from 5th grade through high school. If it weren't for my band teacher I probably would still play today. Just didn't care for his attitude sometimes.

  6. Music really soothes the soul, doesn't it? Yay for a clear nose so you can breathe now.

  7. This is an amazing shot.. I love how the light is reflected so well off the keys and mouthpiece of the flute. And impressive that you included the f-stop and aperature settings, a good idea I might borrow! I just popped over from Michelle's blog...LOVE yours!

  8. Aah, I miss playing the flute! Good for you getting yours out :)

  9. Anyone who plays an instrument goes up a couple of notches in my estimation.

    And you take pictures! Sheesh, you're practically perfect!

  10. That's great that you still play. I got my clarinet out of storage the other week when cleaning out our attic. I really need to get to the music store to buy some reeds and give it a try again.