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Monday, January 18, 2010

Egg and a Hat Recipe

I have had a few questions about how to make these, especially how to not burn the toast. So figured I would post this so everyone can enjoy.

Egg and a Hat

1 Piece of Bread (More if making more-duh)
1 Egg

The egg actually almost cooks faster than the toast.
Here is how I make them,

The key is lots of butter on the griddle. I put lots of butter on and let it melt on medium-highish heat. While it is melting I cut out the holes in the bread, just with a knife. I then put the bread on the griddle, the hats on a separate spot to toast also. I leave just the bread on for around 30 secs-1 min and then I add the egg.

Crack one egg in each hole. If you like a bit of a runny yoke, then just leave the egg alone. If you don't want runny, then just break the yoke with a knife.

The hats will probably cook first, so just check to see if they are toasted as desired. The egg probably takes about 3 mins approx on the first side and only about 1 minute when you flip it over for the second side, just depends how over easy you want your egg.
If the bread seems to be cooking too fast, just turn down the heat a tiny bit.

Hopefully my times are accurate. I just make these every week, so I make them without thinking. Enjoy!

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