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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 102, 103, 104, 105

Day 102
Monday April 12thSometimes there is nothing better than breakfast for dinner;
especially when it involves cinnamon rolls.

Day 103
Tuesday April 13thThree hours at the park will do this to you.

Day 104
Wednesday April 14th"I'm gonna spend my day with trains"
Nothing makes Lucas happier than when I build and drive GeoTrax with him

Day 105
Thursday April 15thAfter two weeks of spring break
getting back into the swing of things can be very tiring.

I think I wore my kids out this week!


  1. That picture of her eating the cinnamon rolls is beyond precious. And beyond yum!

  2. great true to life shots. So wonderful. love the first one....and sleeping shots are always adorable.

  3. I want Lucas' sheets! Where did you get those??

  4. Cinnamon rolls for dinner?! You are brilliant!

    Both of your sleeping kids pics made me go awwwww.

    Those GeoTrax are cool -- I need to check those out!

  5. Such sweet photos. Breakfast for dinner is my favorite!

  6. I love breakfast for any meal!

    Sleeping kids always equals photo op. Just watching kids at the park for three hours would do that to me :)

    The perspective from the GeoTrax shot is very cool!

  7. Ahhhh...they look so peaceful.. I can almost hear the quiet there. What's that like?! (:

  8. Hahahaha, and he said he wasn't tired and didn't want a nap. Kids are so funny.