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Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 99, 100, 101

Day 99
Sitting still isn't his strong suit...
Writing and Drawing, don't really interest him...
So this just warms a mama's heart

Day 1001 Failed Trip to the Wild Animal Park
1 Successful unplanned trip to the Miniature Train Museum and Zoo
Wouldn't it be fun to have a train set like this?

Day 101Obviously I did not take this
but in case you don't read my regular blog I thought you might like to see this..
oh and I am only 27 weeks..
gessh, how big is this boy going to be??


  1. Cute! You are looking darling! (And I love the boots!)

  2. Great photos - and you are too cute in that picture (I agree with the boots comment!)

  3. Look how cute you look preggers! Congrats.

    I thought I would stop in and see how you were doing. I didn't know you had a bun in the oven.

  4. Cool train set up! Yes that would be very cool indeed.

  5. I love the mini train set, what a cool shot that is! And oh my gosh you are all baby!.. and look at you with those stiletto heels--nice!!

  6. so all of my pregnancies i have been HUGE did i say HUGE. i called myself the walking circus act...or hungry hippo. i cracked myself up on a daily basis!! just laugh through it as much as possible. it is tough at times.

  7. Is it too weird of me to say I think your boots are cool? You won't think I'm less of a man, will you? :)

    You're looking great -- pregnant women always do (must be that glow).

    You have a real eye for these close up miniature shots -- any train museum is on my short list of things to do when I can't make it to the Wild Animal Park.