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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 107, 108, 109

109I never knew the desert could be beautiful
until my first spring in Mesa when the cacti started to flower.
This is one we brought with us...
hey look, I can keep a cactus alive!

108Haven't taken any pictures yet today.. shoot.
Umm Handi-snack bread-sticks and cheese, I love these

It's a moth
it was one of two thing I got a picture of in the butterfly exhibit
that we waited in line for 45 minutes to go into...
yeah, it wasn't really worth it


  1. 45 minutes?? Ugh. Cool picture of the moth at least. And uh...I once killed a cactus. Sad, I know.

  2. The flowers on the cactus are really pretty! Too bad you didn't see tons of beautiful butterflies!

  3. My picture was a flower today, too!

  4. Found you via the award winning CA Girl! I love our photos and am hopping over to your blog now to check that out!

  5. Wow...the flowers on the cactus are simply gorgeous...nice goin' keeping it alive.

  6. 45 minutes? To see bugs?

    I think the desert is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The beauty can be so vibrant, and so fragile at the same time.

  7. I love the flowers! Amazing how pretty the flowers of cactcus can be :)

    What a pretty moth!

  8. I want a pretty blooming cactus too!

    We lived in Tucson and I loved it there when all the cacti were in bloom.