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Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 106- Cool Hand Luke

Anyone see the movie Cool Hand Luke?
In it the main character ate 60 hard boiled eggs in a hour...
Today at work my husband took on the challenge to eat 50 in a hour.

He made it to 20, realized he was not going to make it and smartly called it quits

So I took this picture in honor of him.


  1. Oh Eric! That is seriously gross! ;) I can't even imagine eating 20 . . . maybe three!

    You should have at least gotten $20!

  2. Love the movie. Im glad he quit when he was almost ahead.

  3. Yea, they should have given you something for effort. I doubt any of them could eat 20. By the way, you OK?

  4. Luke actually only ate 50 in one hour in the movie. I made it to 20 at just over a half hour and decided that there was no way I was going to make it so pulled the plug. I am just fine, no serious after effects. :-)

  5. I think everything turned a little a green for me. I could eat a tenth of that.

  6. Speechless...but glad he quit at 20! Nice call, Eric!

  7. I'm actually curious about what happens to you after eating 20 eggs in a half hour?