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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 117, 118, 119

Day 119
Look closely, what do you see?
1, 2, 3 Alex's can be seen.

Day 118
We had a teacher's meeting for primary;
it was a garden theme so I made these cupcakes.
Did I mention they were jumbo cupcakes? Mmmmm

Day 117Looks like a good day to stay inside.
Luckily the fog cleared soon.


  1. Alex is SO cute!! Love reflection shots. :)

    Mmmmm cupcakes!

  2. We get really bad fog here. One thing I will not miss.

  3. I'm guessing three Alexes would be a handful (and a half?)

  4. Great photos. I like the fog one a lot. And you are inspiring me to try reflection shots too. Not to mention making me want to make cupcakes! That cupcake is so very cute!!

  5. I see the reflections, but I also see you in her. Very much so. Those cupcakes look delicious. What day was the foggy picture taken? I don't remember a foggy morning. Observant aren't I?