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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10: Is That a Rooster?

I don't live in a small town. The populations is right around 160,000 and we are surrounded by city after city with populations this big or bigger. So when I went to the post office the other day I was surprised to see this
What you don't see it?
Let me take you in closer.
Yep, a rooster wandering behind the post office- which is actually a very small/funny ghetto building- also doesn't fit the city.

Alex returned to preschool today. It was just Ryder and I at home. We have done this since August, but I guess the long break just made me forget. Forget how quiet it is with just him. How much I can get done with just him around. I liked it.

And these resolutions from my 7-year-old
please let these be resolutions that are actually kept!

And daddy's big blue truck- this ended up being one of the lasts days it is ours. Eric got a company vehicle and it was finally ready for pickup. Now we have to sell big blue.
Ryder is going to miss it.

And I may have ended my day by using this to wash down my multivitamin.

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