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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24: End of the World

See this sort of pinkish object?
Well this once used to be pink, now a bit grayish blankie caused a whole bucket of drama. Monday evening, at bedtime Alex could not find it. Eric promised he would search for it and bring it to her when he found it. But he could not find it anywhere.

We looked in the hiding spots, the usual spots, under furniture, inside the trash (she does have a little brother who likes throwing things away), no where. She went to bed crying.

And she woke up crying when she realized it had never been brought to her in the night. She was crying so much she almost made herself sick.

I sent out post on FB asking if anyone at workout class had seen her blanket. She continued to sob, I asked if she wanted to stay home from preschool today. She said yes. I was just about to call her teacher when I got a message- someone at workout class had found it- someone that also went to her preschool and would bring it to her today! She was suddenly ready to go- her world had been restored.

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  1. Oh man, glad you found it! This kinda makes me glad my kids aren't attached to anything . . . :)