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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15: Gray Be Gone

I almost didn't think I would end up with any pictures today. Sunday mornings, even with 11:00 church seem to go quickly. And then when we made it home there is super and naps and our home teachers, but I did get some. But first I have to tell you about some things I did not get pictures of.

Since the new year, Ryder has not been doing well in nursery. He has basically ended up sleeping all of nursery. His nap time is 1:00- so with our new church schedule 11-2:00, it makes it a bit tricky. But today when I took him in there was only a few tears and as I stayed a few minutes he just sat quietly on my lap, but not bawling this time. When another kid put down the jack-in-the-box he went over and began cranking the handle, even smiling when jack popped up. I went off to class and when we picked him up he had made it.

He even managed to stay awake on the way home, eat his lunch (also without falling asleep) and then I put him down for a nap at 3:00. When he woke up Ryder and I played in his room.

He built towers, very carefully stacking each block on the next. He slowly puts the next block on as the tower is getting higher, very slowly and carefully pulling his hands away, keeping his hands opened and ready in case it starts to tip. His patience and determination amaze me and seem so much more than a 20 month old should have. Once the tower is complete he looks up his eyes twinkling. "rash" he says and then crashes the tower. Then he gathers the blocks and carefully, slowly builds the tower to it's tallest height once again. "Stack" he says as he places the next block on. We do this for about 20, then he is finally ready to move on to the next game.

I did get a few pictures though. As this has gotten way too bad
and I did something about it againabout to get started...

much much better

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