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Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20: Friday Traditions

On Friday's we go out to eat. Usually it is to a quick fast food style place, which really is the best with kids. But this week we stepped it up and went to the Rain Forest Cafe.
It was all smiles from the kidseven Ryder-
though the first time the thunder went he was a little scared
My foodAnd of course we stopped in the Lego store since we were right by it. And we actually found some shoes for Alex! She just turned 5 two months ago and wears a size 13 shoe-- a 13 Wide that is, in fact the tennis shoes we got her were Extra Wide. Poor thing will never be able to wear all of the cute petite girly shoes.


  1. I've never heard of that restaurant but it looks yummy!!

  2. So cute! My kids love the Rain Forest Cafe. When we go to Vegas they always ask to go to the one at The MGM. Ryder is so cute. My daughter,Lucie, was very scared the first time too. It's loud if you aren't expecting it. You have such a beautiful family! Is this the RF Cafe in Sf?